Cars and Drivers Leave a Lot of Mess Behind

Get it cleaned up with parking garage sweeping services in Tampa, FL

As people drive in and out of your parking deck, their vehicles bring in all kinds of dirt and debris. They drop these materials on your pavement and the mess builds up, causing your garage to look less appealing and its surface to wear down faster. Gator Sweeping can take care of this problem. We provide parking garage sweeping services in Tampa, Florida. Our specialized equipment can clean every floor of your parking deck as often as you need.

Get parking deck sweeping services tailored to your needs.

Improve your garage and your community with sweeping services

Improve your garage and your community with sweeping services

The benefits of parking garage sweeping aren't always obvious. It can be easy to think you don't need a recurring service. However, keeping your garage clean will have a big impact.

Sweeping is effective because...

It prevents erosion - As dirt, sand and salt fall off vehicles and get shifted around, they can erode and damage the surface of your parking deck.
It discourages littering - Visitors are less likely to throw their trash on the ground if the deck is clean.
It deters pests - Rodents and insects thrive in a dirty space. Keep them at bay by cleaning your parking garage regularly.
It helps the environment - Sweeping up debris can keep it from being washed into the water supply.

Our crew will clean every part of your deck from one end to the other. We'll keep your concrete clean so it will last as long as possible.

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